Steps to Prepping a Shower


Hot Mopping

Preparing a basic shower pan can be easy and simple.There's various 

ways of doing so.These are the best way to prepare a shower pan.


The first step would be to have the proper drain, this would be the hot mop drain. 

By code the drains should have a minimum of two inches of clearance from the top of the strainer of the drain to the height of the dam or curb.


Next would be the blocking that are around the shower walls, as you can see in this picture above.  The purpose of the backing is to strengthen the shower walls and to protect the shower pan from being damage from construction traffic . The minimum height  of the blocking would be 10 inches and 6 inches around a bench.


Next will be the height of the dam. There should be a clearance from the top of the strainer of the drain to the height of the dam or curb of 2 inches minimum. The widest part of the drain should be flush to the floor of the shower pans and leveled. Normally the dam or curb will have three  2X4 in heights. This mounts to 4.5 inches high.